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Research Day 2010

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Stuart Lipton

Research Day 2010

The 6th annual HBI Research Day will be held on Thursday, May 20, 2010.  This year's event will feature keynote speaker Dr. Stuart Lipton, presentations by HBI researchers, networking reception and poster session.  Lunch will be provided.

RSVP is required by May 14, 2010 to

Grad students and postdocs are encouraged to participate in the poster session for a chance to win an iPad!  Email to register.

For more details including a speaker bio and program for the day, click here

HBI Researchers Share Their Expertise at Unique Exhibit

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BODY WORLDS  and The Brain

HBI Researchers Share Their Expertise at Unique Exhibit

On April 30, a world famous exhibit will make its Canadian debut at the TELUS World of Science – Calgary.  Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS and The Brain features more than 200 specimens, including full body plastinates. This is the first time in Canada the exhibit also features the latest in neuroscience.

The HBI has partnered with the TELUS World of Science – Calgary to feature a series of lectures that will take place every Friday evening in May.  The lectures will feature Institute members and trainees who are conducting world-class neurological and mental health research, allowing the public a unique opportunity to interact with some of Calgary’s leading neuroscience and mental health researchers.

HBI Researchers Receive More than $907,000 to Fund Neurodegenerative Research

Submitted by klswift on Tue, 04/27/2010 - 10:08.
Roger Thompson

HBI Researchers Receive More than $907,000 to Fund Neurodegenerative Research

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced on April 23 more than $360,000 in funding to Drs. Roger Thompson and Shalina Ousman to research the mechanisms of cell death and protection during diseases such as stroke, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

The funding was also matched by the Alberta Advanced Education and Technology Small Equipment Grants Program (SEGP), bringing total funding amounts to more than $907,000.

AI-HS New Summer Studentship Awards

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Student in lab

AI-HS New Summer Studentship Awards

Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions recently announced the results of the February 2010 competition for Summer Studentship Awards.  These awards offer motivated students with exceptional academic records an opportunity to participate in medical or health research in Alberta during the summer months. The award is meant to encourage students to consider pursuing formal training and a career in health research. The award consists of a stipend only.

Of the 202 Studentships that were awarded, 83 went to the University of Calgary and of those, 30 were awarded to labs within the Hotchkiss Brain Institute. 

Back by Popular Demand: Dr. Jean Addington on the Nature of Things

Submitted by klswift on Thu, 04/08/2010 - 11:20.
Jean Addington

Back by Popular Demand: Dr. Jean Addington on the Nature of Things

The documentary “The Downside of High”, featuring Dr. Jean Addington from UCalgary’s Faculty of Medicine will be rebroadcast on the CBC's The Nature of Things on Sunday April 11 at 7 pm.

Dr. Addington, a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and a mental health researcher at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, will be one of several experts featured.

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Bruce Pike: New Campus Alberta Innovation Program Chair in Healthy Brain Aging

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Bruce Pike: New Campus Alberta Innovation Program Chair in Healthy Brain Aging

When he started his electrical engineering undergraduate degree over three decades ago, Bruce Pike, PhD, had no idea that he would one day become one of the world’s leading experts on brain imaging.

“At the time,” explains Pike, “there was no such thing as biomedical engineering.” It was through a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) award that he received to work in a myocardial biology lab that his interest was sparked. “I had the opportunity to work with a researcher who was experimenting with a new technology – a CT scanner – and from then on I knew I wanted to study medical imaging.”

New brain imaging technique allows for a closer look at MS

Submitted by kristy.cross on Fri, 02/07/2014 - 10:20.

New brain imaging technique allows for a closer look at MS

More detailed scans could lead to better diagnosis and treatments

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable and debilitating neurodegenerative disease that affects an estimated 100,000 Canadians. Typically, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is used to confirm diagnosis, but current techniques are limited in their ability to detect subtle differences in tissue damage.

Recent research out of the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI) aims to enhance the diagnostic and therapeutic power of MRI with a new technique that is sensitive to very small changes in patterns within the MRI images of MS patients.

Research Investigates Blood Flow in the Brains of Aging Women

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Research Investigates Blood Flow in the Brains of Aging Women

Blood flow in the brain, or cerebral blood flow, plays an important role in our health. It helps us maintain our thinking, or cognitive, abilities, regulates cellular activity and plays a critical role in preventing strokes, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

At the HBI, a number of our researchers are renowned for their work investigating the regulation of cerebral blood flow.

Boosting the immune system to treat brain cancer

Submitted by kristy.cross on Thu, 12/05/2013 - 16:25.

Boosting the immune system to treat brain cancer

Researchers at the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI) have made a discovery that could lead to better treatment for patients suffering from brain cancer.

Despite current treatment strategies, the median survival for patients with the most aggressive brain cancer – called glioblastoma, is 15 months. Less than five per cent of patients survive beyond five years.

HBI member V. Wee Yong, PhD and research associate Susobhan Sarkar, PhD, and their team including researchers from the Department of Clinical Neurosciences and the university’s Southern Alberta Cancer Research Institute, looked at human brain tumour samples and discovered that specialized immune cells in brain tumour patients are compromised.

Researchers assess aerobic exercise for taming migraines

Submitted by kristy.cross on Thu, 12/05/2013 - 11:13.

Researchers assess aerobic exercise for taming migraines

Study investigates if exercise can reduce frequency, duration or intensity of migraines

A new University of Calgary research study based at Calgary’s South Health Campus – and conducted in partnership with the YMCA there – is the first large controlled trial anywhere to measure the potential benefits of aerobic exercise in patients suffering from migraines.

People who live with recurring migraine headaches have a limited number of tools to alleviate the often-debilitating symptoms. Aside from the pain, which can be severe and sometimes last for days, sufferers can also experience nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound, and other neurological symptoms.

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The Spring 2012 HBI Science Cafe: Concussions

Submitted by klswift on Fri, 03/23/2012 - 14:20.

Concussions (or mild traumatic brain injuries) are a growing concern, particularly among young athletes. On June 25, 2012 the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute in partnership with the CIHR's Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction held an interactive Science Café to discuss neurological and mental health as relating to concussions.

As a free public event, the Science Café creates the opportunity for the community to engage with top-level experts in a meaningful and informative way. With the former NHL athlete Mr. Jim Peplinski as the moderator, the two expert researchers, Drs. Sean Dukelow and Carolyn Emery explored questions such as:

  • What are the signs and symptoms of a concussion?
  • Can concussions be prevented in youth sport?
  • When is someone fit to return to play?
  • What is the public health burden of concussion in youth sport?

To see the poster click here.

Click here to see the photo gallery.

Science Café: Feeling and Dealing with Pain — Is it all in your head?

Submitted by klswift on Fri, 09/30/2011 - 10:50.

HBI neuroscientists tell us what science is learning about how the mind and body feels pain and how we can deal with pain in our lives.

On Nov 22, 2011 TELUS Spark, in partnership with the University of Calgary's Hotchkiss Brain Institute, hosted a public Science Café on the topic of "Feeling and Dealing with Pain." Guest speakers were Dr. Cory Toth and Dr. Gerald Zamponi, with moderator Heather Yourex, health reporter for Global TV in Calgary. It was a packed house, with the audience asking many excellent questions over the 2 hour Café event, held at the Ironwood Stage and Grill. The Café was one of a series of monthly Science Cafés presented by TELUS Spark, on a wide range of science topics and issues. Photos © Alan Dyer 2011

6th Annual Brain Science Day

Submitted by klswift on Wed, 12/15/2010 - 11:54.

Every March during Brain Awareness Week, local Grade 11 students have the opportunity to tour research labs and clinical units at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute nd learn more about careers in Neuroscience. See below for information on this year's event:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary
3330 Hospital Drive NW

To register for Brain Science Day, ask your science teacher for an application, or contact the HBI: hbi [at] ucalgary [dot] ca or 403.220.3558

Click here to watch a virtual dissection of a human brain

Click here to download the poster

Click here to read a story on the 2010 Brain Science Day

Want to participate next year? Email us at hbi [at] ucalgary [dot] ca

4th Annual Calgary Brain Bee

Submitted by klswift on Mon, 04/12/2010 - 14:59.
Brain Bee Champion-2.jpg

Congratulations to the winner of the 4th Annual Calgary Brain Bee!  Nathan Lao, a grade 9 student from Langevin School in Calgary defeated 15 of his peers and took away the 2011 grand prize.

Nathan has won a Macbook computer and an expenses-paid trip to the Canadian Brain Bee Competition on May 28 at McMaster University.

Second place this year and an iPod Touch went to Robyn Pagenkopf, a grade 12 student from Bert Church High School in Airdrie. 

Congratulations to all of this years Brain Bee contestants! Next year's competition will be held during Brain Awareness Week in March, 2012.

For more information, email hbi [at] ucalgary [dot] ca or call 403.220.3558.

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Rare Book Collection Unites Neuroscience History and Future

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mackie-9576 copy.jpg

The brain is one of the most complex, yet least understood parts of the human body and philosophers and scientists around the world have been working for hundreds of years to unravel its many mysteries. This rich history of insights and discoveries provides the foundation for HBI research and education today.

Recently, the HBI acquired a comprehensive collection chronicling centuries of neuroscience history.  Thanks to a gift from Calgary community leaders Brenda and Jamie Mackie, the University of Calgary has obtained a rare set of more than 2,400 historical neuroscience texts, some of which date back to the 17th century.  

The collection has officially been named the Mackie Family History of Neuroscience Collection.

Community Support Key to Unique Education Activities

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Lake Family.jpg

Since the inception of the HBI, training the next generation of neuroscientists has been a focal point. Many of our activities are centered around enhancing the training opportunities and research experiences for these up and coming researchers.

Over the last five years, the support of individuals and organizations in the community has played a key role in enhancing our educational efforts. New initiatives that have been developed with donor support have allowed the HBI to attract aspiring neuroscientists from around the world to work with our members as students and post-graduate fellows.

The HBI has played a key role in establishing a number of unique neuroscience educational initiatives in Calgary, which allow young scientists to immerse themselves in brain research from high school right through to post-graduate studies.

2009 Rotary Flames Friendship Classic

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Rotary Flames Golf Tournament 2009.jpgDrs. Jaideep Bains, Andrew Demchuk, Rajiv Midha and Cam Teskey joined the Rotary Clubs of Calgary and the Calgary Flames for a fun day of golf at River Spirit Golf Club.